Xiaoming’s Guide to Shanghai

Take the Maglev train (磁悬浮) to Longyang Rd (龙阳路), EXIT the station and ENTER the metro station. The two stations are not connected but are only meters apart. It takes 6-15 minutes. About 50 CNY/7 euros.

Take Metro Line 2 from Longyang Rd to East Nanjing Rd (南京东路) metro station. It takes about 20 minutes. About 6 CNY/1 euro.

*East Nanjing Rd is also written as Nanjing Road (E) on some metro lines.

From there you can walk to The Bund (外滩,Waitan) to get a nice view of the waterfront.

The Bund

But The Bund is just big-city vibes, skyscrapers, and western architectures from the colonisation era. You can see them a lot in Europe as well. So skip if you don’t have enough time or energy.

Then you can walk to the Yuyuan Garden area (豫园/城隍庙). Chinese traditional garden, architecture.

Yuyuan Garden

Nanxiang Mantoudian 南翔馒头店 in this area has the best xiaolongbao (steamed dumping bun) but always a long queue for take-out. Crab-pork bun 蟹粉小笼 is the best but easily sold-out. Normal bun is also nice. If you go in for a seated table you don’t need to queue but the menu gets expensive.

The festive lights only start in mid-January, but there’s already a sneak-peak light installation there. See if you can find this:

Generally the Yuyuan Garden area is better looking with the light on. So visit close to the evening if you can.

From there you can walk back to the East Nanjing Rd (南京东路) metro station (about 1 km walk), or from the nearby Yuyuan Garden (豫园) metro station take Metro Line 10 for 1 stop to get to East Nanjing Rd, then reverse step 1-2 to get back to the airport.

*Yuyuan Garden is also written as Yu Garden in some places. Because yuan means garden. Obviously.

Or just take a taxi. From the city center to the PVG airport is about 30 euros (200 CNY) and 1 hour drive. But beware to let the taxi know which airport and terminal you are going to (I think it’s Pudong Airport PVG terminal 1 浦东机场1号航站楼国际出发 but double check). Shanghai has two international airports and they are far away from each other. The taxi drivers easily mess them up because they don’t often fly.

Visa/Mastercard do not work in most places. Get cash from ATM’s to be safe. Food typically cost 20-50 CNY (3-8 euros).

And of course call/message me if you need help!


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