My trip to Japan (Live Update)

Day 2

Although I fell asleep around midnight, I had a great night of sleep and only woke up at about 1 pm. That’s about 6 in the morning in Europe. So I was really jet-lagged. Anyways, I’m relaxed and ready for another day of fun. I’d have to hurry up to make the most of my day though.

For some brunch I walked to the Kuromon Ichiba Market (and almost starved to death in the 15 minutes walk). I was really satisfied by the fresh quality food there.

For the price of 1200 yen (CNY 60, EUR 8) you get this sea urchin and tuna sushi. It was my favorite. It’s 4x larger than your nigiri sushi. And the fresh seafood, so worth it.

I then decided to visit the Kaiyukan (Aquarium). When I was young I was gifted a souvenir from this aquarium, and I loved it so much. It was also one of the places that I missed the first time I went to Osaka. But it was a disappointment. The aquarium was okay but quite dated and not very interactive. Not worth the ticket price. I had a good-looking whale-themed ice cream there.

<to be continued>

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