Soya Milk (or other nut juice) NOT Equal to Lactose-free Milk

You saw the title.

There’s a kind of milk that’s actually milk but without lactose. You find them in most supermarkets here.

Lactose-free milk

Most of the time when I mention lactose-free milk in the Netherlands, whether I’m ordering coffee or just chatting with friends, the kind of ‘milk’ people have in their minds is soya milk, almond, oat, or coconut milk.

I don’t have a problem with plant-based milk alternatives. Sometimes I drink them too, as another kind of drink. But they taste so different, I might have a slight problem calling them milk. They are essentially nut juice.

Especially, I like to have actual milk with my coffee. A lot. I often risk farting to the moon and go for a coffee with regular milk, if a coffee place only offers plant-based milk as their lactose-free option.

That’s vegan people’s milk. I’m not against the dairy industry, just allergic to lactose. Where are my food politicians? Give me my own milk please.

Why are there gluten-free cakes in many cafes but not lactose-free milk? You don’t offer people a banana when they ask for a gluten-free cake. It does the job, but it’s not the same thing. That’s how I feel when people take soya milk as lactose-free milk.

I understand that there are many more vegan people than lactose-intolerant people here in the Netherlands. But lactose-free milk is so cheap it really doesn’t hurt to keep some aside. Much cheaper than plant-based milk.

Some people like their milk from nuts. I still want milk from cow breast, if possible. Just take out the lactose would be nice.

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