Eurovision 2020: Standing ticket sales on hold due to unsettled staging plan

Eurovision 2020: Standing ticket sales on hold due to unsettled staging plan

First round of tickets set to go on sale this Thursday (Dec 12), fans are bummed that standing tickets will not be sold anytime soon.

Here comes the explanation. In an update to the ticketing page, it is made clear that standing tickets missing this round of sale is due to unsettled staging plans.

When the final stage design, lighting and camera positions are known, more standing tickets may be made available at a later date.

Currently, the only way to secure a standing ticket to the grand final live show is buying from the official fan clubs, OGAE. On the official ticketing page, it is declared that 2000 tickets will be reserved for OGAE members.

It looks like standing tickets will come back in further rounds of sales. They can’t have only 2000 OGAE people standing in the pool after all.

Eurovision 2020 stage

People were furious that the most popular standing tickets to live shows are being sold exclusively to OGAE in the first round, leaving the majority of fans without an official ‘background’ in a dilemma.

It gets tricky for normal fans. Eurovision tickets are usually very hard to get in general, with grand final live show standing tickets being the most sought-after. It would be hard to decide whether to take a chance with seated tickets in the first round.

Especially, more strict personalisation rules will be implemented this year. Each ticket will bear the name of its holder. If one already has a seated ticket, will he be kept from buying standing tickets in later rounds?

Can’t wait to get one of these!

OGAE members can buy tickets packages from their own OGAE. Each package costs €799 EUR and contains tickets to three rehearsals and all three live shows. It is expensive but good value for money. If resale is allowed, you can easily sell all other tickets for more than €799 and keep the grand final live show. It’s free ticket plus a bonus!


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